Starting an Open Knowledge Foundation in Belgium

The founding event

Yesterday evening in the buildings of Flanders DC in Leuven a group of intrepid idealist founded the Belgian chapter of the Open Knowledge foundation (OKFN). I was honoured to be one of them. The goals of the organization will be to promote the release, use and enrichment of open data, information and knowledge in Belgium.

OKFN Belgium is an NPO according to Belgian law which has it official address in Ghent. The first board consists of Pieter Colpaert (@pietercolpaert), Lieven Janssen (@lievenjanssen), Katleen Janssen (@katleenjanssen), Stef Roelandt (@stefroelandt) and Wouter Vanden Hove (@woutvandenhove).

This year there are already events planned that OKFN will support:
    13 Februari 2012 – Mobile Apps for Culture
   ­ March/April 2012 – Apps For Ghent 2
    October 2012 – Apps For Leuven
    June/July 2012 – Apps For West

For more information about OKFN Belgium see the website or follow the foundation on twitter @okfnbe.